Doug Tilley




Became and adult.

Move to Peterborough

Soon to become a Peterborough legend.

Jill Tilley

Doug married a beautiful, wonderful woman named Jill Tilley. I had to write it with the word wonderful because if I did not, she would hunt me down and torture me. She wouldn't kill me, because that would be giving me mercy. She wants me to feel the pain.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Doug's movie.


Doug has gone on to become a force on Twitter. He was featured on a list of the top Canadian movie Twitterers with under 2000 followers. Since then, he has surpassed the 2000 follower threshold.

Other Podcasts

Doug hosts one other podcast called The Above the Line Podcast with Ashley Montgomery. This is another movie podcast that doesn't only focus on no-budget films. Doug has been featured on podcasts such as …

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