The following are the episodes of No-Budget Nightmares. The episodes in which the movie title is bold are episodes that are archived at Drunkonvhs.libsyn.com.

Episode Number Movie Notes
1 Hip Hop Locos The first and worst film No-Budget Nightmares has covered. Memorable quote: "Homes, esse, homes, esse" Ad infinitum
2 Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest If there were any less perfect film to follow up the crapfest that was Hip Hop Locos…it's Junkfood Horrorfest. Originally Moe was going to cover this one as a written review for Daily Grindhouse. When Doug told him that he had seen it already, it seemed like a great idea for episode 2. Boy, were they wrong! The most memorable thing about Junkfood Horrorfest was that this was the first episode where the film was in great detail. That and the film features, briefly, Alice Cooper's Daughter, Calico Cooper as "The Junkie." Memorable quote: "You know every relationship has it's problems. Take my wife for example, she used to drive me up the motherf*chin wall until I knocked her into the well…I tried to save her….OH WELL"
3 The Summer of the Massacre "Poorly made" would be too kind to this utterly painful and scream filled unintentionally time bending slasher flick. Doug and Moe were worried that they would never cover a good film. Memorable quote: "RAAAAAAAGHERRRRRRRRRRAHHHHHHHHHHH"
4 Las Vegas Bloodbath Doug and Moe's favorite film covered to date. This travelogue slasher flick follows Sam as he goes crazy after finding his wife, Ruthie, had cheated on him. He starts off searching for "Daytime Whores", but ends up finding a house of oil wrestlers. This movie also features one of No-Budget Nightmares' favorite decapitations. Memorable quote: "RUTHIE LOVED OIL WRESTLING!"
5 Nightmare Asylum The first film in the love/hate relationship with legendary filmmaker Todd Sheets. Nightmare Asylum was especially notable due to Moe and Doug's differing views on the film. Moe enjoyed it, Doug thoroughly disliked it. Memorable quote: "My aching banana?! MY ACHING KUMQUAT!"
6 Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires The over the top acting, silly dialogue, and all-around terrible special effects couldn't save this hokey Vampire flick. It didn't feature anyone who's barely legal, nor did it feature any lesbian vampires. The film was a lie. The gang was introduced to sub par horror host and adult film critic, Mr. Creepo. This is also the episode where the show started introducing Doug with his theme song. Memorable quotes: "You better get the F*ck out of my bathroom before I call the KAHPS!"
7 Duck! The Carbine High Massacre The controversial, but entirely enjoyable William Hellfire film produced within months of the Columbine Tragedy.
8 So Mort It Be Fabian Rush's 2004 goofy, goth-horror comedy. Another of the few films Doug and Moe didn't agree on, despite liking the same parts and disliking the same parts. Moe ultimately decided he didn't like the film. Also features No-Budget Nightmares' first computer-graphics dildo and a first person "dildo cam." Memorable quote: "Who wants to give me a blow job?!"
9 Terror Toons A Mediocre film featuring some interesting practical effects, but a hard film to sit through. Memorable quote: "THE Devil….thank you"
10 Rock, Paper, Scissors: Fall of the Original Six Jokingly referred to as "Doug's Movie." Doug is prominently featured in this movie and helped work on it. Memorable quote: "Do me hobo style"
11 Redneck County Fever The mystery of the making of Redneck County Fever began in this episode. Doug and Moe vowed to find out who made this movie and how it was made. Memorable quote: "WHOA!"
12 Kill Them and Eat Them A very Canadian gonzo mutant Horror flick. It was enjoyable at first, but ended in disappointment. Memorable quote: "Cover me…I'm going in" "What does that mean, exactly"
13 Human Behavior Take a dash of murder mystery, a pinch of psychological thriller, and a twist of, um, a twist and you have 2001′s HUMAN BEHAVIOR, starring a cast of people you've never heard of trapped in an infinite loop of plot explanation. Easily the most forgettable film No-Bidget Nightmares has covered. Memorable quotes: ????
14 Sorority Babes in the Dance-a-thon of Death The second visit into the legendary Todd Sheets oeuvre. This time around there's no difference of opinion as Moe and Doug both thoroughly disliked the film. This is also the first episode to use Moe's theme during the introductions. Both themes have been used in every episode since. Memorable quote: "Beer me, babe!"
15 Gorno - An American Tragedy Heavily KIDS influenced, but not nearly as good. Les Norris and Olivar Assiran would later contact the show about it's coverage and are now friends of the show despite the very unflattering review. Memorable quote: "Fuck life, fuck death, fuck everything"
16 Death Metal Zombies Todd Jason Falcon Cook's zombie metalhead flick that features some bizarre strategies for taking over the world and perhaps the first time Country music has been effectively used as a weapon. This is also the first episode to feature the modern opening theme song, the original theme song having been retired due to Moe being fed up with it. Memorable quote: "Hello there, I'm Rob Mertz"
17 Robot Ninja The J.R. Bookwalter (JR Brookwalter, JD Bookwalter) comic book superhero classic. Doug has many issues pronouncing JR's name and Both Moe and Doug really enjoyed the film. Memorable quote: "I am Robot Ninja and I kick ass!"
18 The Hollywood Strangler Meets the Skid Row Slasher Ray Dennis Steckler's serial killer meets serial killer and kill each other flick. Memorable quote: "Don't wait…there's no time…do it, not like with Marsha, I've got…to do it"
19 Suburban Sasquatch Dave Wascavage's Bigfoot classic made for a return to form after the dreary previous episode. Sound clips from this film - the Sasquatch "roar" in particular - would feature heavily in future episodes.
20 Vampire Hunter
21 Zombie Rampage
22 Antfarm Dickhole
23 Rock N Roll Space Patrol Action Is GO!
24 Blood Cult
25 Dead is Dead
26 The Burning Moon Olaf Ittenbach's 1997 gorefest, notable as being the first film covered in a foreign language. This little detail made it slightly difficult to grab audio clips. Memorable quotes: "FAHK KYOO!"
27 Reanimator Academy Actually a double feature of Reanimator Academy and Reanimator Academy 2. The mystery of Redneck County Fever was mentioned when Doug noticed that one of the cast members of Reanimator Academy was a cast member in Redneck County Fever.
28 Holy Moly Moe and Doug tackle the 1991 classic. They also discuss vomiting, Jerry Springer, and Moe's sexy voice. Memorable quote: "Nice kid, lady!"
29 Science Crazed Moe and Doug have a classic brush with Canuxploitation when they tackle this mind-boggling lost classic
30 30th Episode Spectacular Packed with special guests, interviews and reminiscing about favorite (and not so favorite moments), the 30th episode marks a turning point for the podcast
31 Sledgehammer Moe and Doug go back to the beginning of the shot-on-video craze with David Prior's entertaining slasher film.
32 Goblin After 32 episodes, our hosts finally catch up with legendary shot-on-video director Todd Sheets, and examine one of the films from his most prolific period. A lengthy interview with the director follows the examination of the film.
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