Hip Hop Locos

A pair of hip-hop performers kill drug dealers to finance their music.
- IMDB Plot Summary

Hip Hop Locos was the first film featured on the No-Budget Nightmares podcast, and remains the standard-bearer for terrible no-budget features. Both Moe Porne and Doug Tilley have repeatedly made mention of it in other episodes, often as a comparison point. On at least one occasion, Doug Tilley pretended to forget Hip Hop Locos' entire existence, treating it like a repressed traumatic incident.

Plot Summary

(Taken from full length Hip Hop Locos review written by Doug Tilley and available on Daily Grindhouse.

Unodoz and J10 (played by Unodoz and J10) are a couple of young Latino gangbangers who come up with a plan to set their hip hop careers in motion: kill a bunch of drug dealers + sell the stolen drugs + ? = PROFIT! They jump to action by talking at the camera, then driving around, smoking pot, talking to the camera, calling someone on a pay-phone, talking at the camera and then occasionally stabbing someone. They follow the stabbing with more talking at the camera, usually about how great it was to stab that person, and how they want to drive around, call someone, and then stab someone else. Rinse and repeat, and throw in some awful video and vocal effects for good (bad) measure. There is literally five minutes of plot stretched with endless, seemingly improvised dialogue (Homes.. Homes… Homes homes homes homes homes homes) interspersed with grainy black and white footage that is headache inducing.


Doug Tilley first discovered Hip Hop Locos during The Bloody Nightmares Project at his previous blog Movie Feast. It was the 16th film from the collection covered, and soon became the go-to example of no-budget laziness. Hip Hop Locos would be referenced frequently afterward, and became the obvious choice when the idea of a Daily Grindhouse Roundtable (which eventually evolved into the No-Budget Nightmares Podcast) was introduced.

At the time, Doug also made several efforts to track down Hip Hop Locos director Lorenzo Munoz Jr., including sending e-mails to an apparently now-defunct account. His current whereabouts remain a mystery.

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